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Wellbeing for customers

Kesko and K-stores aim at making customers’ lives easier, providing them with services that promote health and wellbeing and guiding them on the proper use of products. More and more often services are offered electronically.


More electronic services

The development of electronic transactions and shopping is one area of strategic emphasis in all of Kesko’s divisions.

Many kinds of mobile and web services, such as Budget Sport’s online customer service, Asko’s design programme and
K-rauta stores’ instructional videos, are available for customers.

Volkswagen published a mobile phone application for those touring by car in 2012. The Service App contains a travel vocabulary in several different languages, route directions to the nearest Volkswagen service centre, route directions back to the parked car, and the car dashboard symbols and explanations.

A QR (Quick Response) code was tested on Pirkka meat packages in cooperation with HK Ruokatalo during the year. By reading the QR codes on 15 domestic Pirkka meat packages, customers receive recipes recommended by the Pirkka test kitchen on their smartphones and can also give feedback. By monitoring the number of QR codes scanned and the contents selected, Kesko obtains information on what kinds of mobile contents interest K-food store customers.

Health through proper food and physical exercise

The promotion of healthy lifestyles and eating habits and physical exercise is essential for our food and sports stores in particular.

K-Food Specialists, experts in nutrition and special diets, have been trained for K-food stores since 2010. At the end of 2012, there were already more than 680 employees with this training.

All of the about 210 K-supermarkets in Finland annually organise a Fruit&Veg campaign, in which different fruits and vegetables are offered for one euro per kilo, package, box or bag.

The Pirkka test kitchen, which is part of Kesko Food’s Product Research unit, develops and tests food recipes. The nutritional contents for nearly all of the approximately 5,000 recipes have been calculated to help customers make choices. Specified searches enable consumers find recipes for special diets and, for example, to find gluten-free, egg-free, milk-free, sugar-free or vegetarian recipes.

The ‘Own Kitchen’ service on the Pirkka website provides an electronic recipe book, where customers can save their favourite recipes. The Pirkka recipe and shopping list app, which can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets, was published in 2012.

In Intersport’s Sport to the People concept, sport has something for everyone, regardless of age and level of interest. Every Intersport store in Finland organises a physical activity event for its customers at least twice a year. The aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle and to encourage people to be physically active.

We guide our customers on the proper use of products

According to the Consumer Protection Act, goods shall be delivered with instructions for use, maintenance and care, if instructions are needed to use the product. A responsible store takes care that the customer also understands the instructions and knows how to correctly use the purchased appliance. Special attention was paid to this particularly in the machinery trade in 2012.

“Machinery trade products are often a big investment for a customer. It is important to make sure that the customer knows how to use the purchased machine bought. At Konekesko, our aim is to train and guide our customers to use machinery and appliances correctly and safely. Proper use is economical and will extend the useful life of machinery,” says Lina Morkunaite, Managing Director of Konekesko Lithuania.