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Well-researched and safe products

A product’s route to the store shelf is often long and the supply chain may have many steps. It is the store’s duty to help customers make responsible choices. Customers must be able to rely on the fact that the products offered by stores are well-researched, safe and sustainably produced.

Sustainability statements support
the work of buyers

The buyers in Kesko’s various divisions make purchasing decisions every day. It is important that they all follow common rules, have sufficient information and are experts in responsible sourcing and purchasing. In order to ensure responsible operations across the entire chain, Kesko also requires that all suppliers accept our values and principles and act accordingly.

Kesko’s purchasing principles guide our responsible purchasing. Various policy statements, such as the palm oil policy, the fish and shellfish statement, the timber policy, and the stand on the sandblasting of jeans, have been prepared to support purchasing operations.

Kesko Food is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which promotes the sustainable production of palm oil. Kesko Food recommends the use of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) by manufacturers of Pirkka and Menu products.

As declared in the fish and shellfish statement, Kesko Food, Kespro and K-food stores do not sell species with a red rating in WWF Finland’s traffic light guide for fish. Species with a green rating are favoured and sustainable fish stocks and MSC certified suppliers are preferred when making selection decisions. Kesko Food supports retailers’ efforts to sell fish caught in local waters using sustainable methods. The Pirkka range contains 11 MSC certified fish products and new ones are sought actively.

During 2012, there was much public discussion about the recommendations in the WWF’s fish guide and about sustainable fishing of Finnish migrant whitefish and wild Baltic salmon in particular. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry set up two working groups to develop regulations on whitefish and salmon fishing to ensure its sustainability. Kesko Food’s representative, Product Research Manager Matti Kalervo, is a member of both working groups.

Kesko Food participates in the national monitoring group set up in 2012 to monitor European standardisation initiatives on the sustainability and traceability of cocoa.