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Responsibility themes

Key issues in 2012

Responsible operator

  • The Veturi shopping centre opened in Kouvola
  • The first K-ruoka store in Russia
  • The ‘Our responsible working principles’ guide was updated
  • Value discussions proceeded to new offices in Russia

For the benefit of the community

  • The K-Retailers’ Association celebrated its 100th anniversary
  • K-retailers’ local purchases totalled €586 million
  • Kesko’s and its subsidiaries’ support to communities and organisations was €0.9 million

Working community

  • Kesko’s profitability programme was launched
  • The wellbeing at work programme focused on the development  of supervisory work
    and working communities
  • Kesko and K-stores to participate in the Youth Guarantee initiative
  • The fourth K-trainee programme was launched

Responsible purchasing and sales

  • The guide for responsible trading was updated
  • Suppliers in high-risk countries have 209 factories or farms within the scope of the BSCI process
  • The Product Research Laboratory analysed more than 11,600 product samples
  • The number of Pirkka organic products will increase to 200 by 2015

Wellbeing for customers

  • E-channels increase interaction
  • Mobile and online services to support customers
  • Responsibility visible for customers in stores
  • The Energy Expert service helps improve energy
    efficiency at home

Mitigation of climate change

  • New solutions for refrigeration equipment provide significant savings in K-food stores
  • The Kodin1 department store for interior decoration and home goods
    in Raisio is the first passive retail store building in the Nordic countries
  • Keslog aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions from transportation by 10% by 2020