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Stakeholder interaction

The assessment of corporate responsibility performance takes account of Kesko’s key stakeholders, namely customers, investors and Kesko’s owners, Kesko personnel, retailers and store staff, suppliers of goods and services, the media, the authorities, non-governmental and other organisations, and trade unions. At Kesko, the stakeholder analysis is included in the management system and operating plans. Operations in all areas of responsibility are developed in accordance with the expectations of the key stakeholder groups.

Kesko’s corporate responsibility vision has been described in respect of its stakeholders. It is available at
www. kesko.fi/responsibility. Stakeholders’ expectations of Kesko, Kesko’s actions to meet these expectations, and indicators measuring the performance are described in the stakeholder group analysis of the Group’s responsibility work, available at www.kesko.fi/responsibility. The divisions also use their specific stakeholder analyses. The Group’s stakeholder analysis and Kesko’s corporate responsibility vision are available at www.kesko.fi/ responsibility. The process description prepared on Kesko stakeholder interaction is presented below.

In connection with updating its responsibility programme, Kesko arranged two stakeholder panels to take stakeholder expectations and aspects significant to them into account when setting the objectives. The materiality assessment of Kesko’s responsibility guides Kesko’s corporate responsibility work and defines measures in response to stakeholder expectations.

Various surveys are regularly conducted to identify stakeholder expectations. According to the 2012 survey by TNS Gallup on companies’ reputation and responsibility, the strongest area in Kesko’s and K-stores’ reputation was considered to be the combination of products and services. Room for improvement was seen in the transparency of financial operations and in social responsibility as a whole, such as looking after employees, honesty and the anti-bribery approach, and the observance of ethical principles.

Kesko's stakeholder interaction